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In order to shorten the response time, provide fast solutions and ensure overall case management, Self Relo from Kan-Tor & Acco group joined efforts with leading professionals all over the world, while has established a state of the art GDPR Internet technology–that combines multidisciplinary knowledge which is required for embedded AI – artificial intelligence. 

The system can process the case data and provide a summary report within 72 hours that includes company and employee exposure, guidelines, and recommendations concerning each particular case.


F.A.Q Regarding Self Relo Services

The phenomenon started when companies requested their employees to work from home for an extended period due to covid-19. A significant number of company employees decided to leave the expensive houses they were living in, in places such as tel aviv, silicon valley, new york city, etc. Many employees decided to move to other countries where the cost of living is relatively cheaper with better weather such as israel, the caribbean, and portugal; while many employees made the move to live with friends or family.   

Three main services:


1.       Self relo ® corporate policy – creating a solid corporate policy to align self relo with methods of work amongst company employees and management, while avoiding future crises.

2.       Self relo ® case management – through a state of the art online web tool, self relo supports hr managers and individual employee needs. Our tool gives hr managers full visibility into their employee’s self relo processes. The web tool also allows reporting, automatic reminders, tracking expiration dates, while allowing full graphical visibility over the process in the most holistic manner. Filters allow for focus upon a particular destination country, department, exposure, etc.

3.       Self relo ® crisis management – providing the company with self relo crisis management, while utilizing a vast combined knowledge of tax, immigration, and health care in both home and destination countries. Such crises may occur upon working illegally in the country of destination, a health incident, labor disputes, or criminal litigation against a company and its managers for illegal employment in destination countries.  


A self relo crisis can occur in many situations. For example, it can involve illegal employment of the self relo employee in the destination country; presumption of tax residency of the company in the destination country; a medical situation with the self relo employee which is not covered by the normal tourist health insurance in the destination country; and labor issues and other litigations in the destination country.

Such crises need to be handled efficiently to prevent further ramifications in either home or destination countries.

Our team is internationally experienced with such crisis management, utilizing our vast knowledge and expertise through a strong network of partners around the globe.

Yes. Many companies have decided to adopt the new model of working from home or abroad. Some companies have already developed their self relo strategy and policy with the assistance of self relo.

The main risks and exposures are varied:


Tax: for example – is there a need to pay taxes in the destination country? Is there tax equalization? Does the self relo employee create tax residency for the company in the destination country?

Health and social: for example – what are the employee benefits in the destination country? E.g., holidays, overtime, pregnancy and maternity, layoff, pension, etc.

Immigration: for example – can the employee legally work in the destination country? Tax issues may also arise in certain situations and countries.


Self relo provides legal support for creating a successful self relo corporate policy while implementing effective pre-crisis management. These are perhaps the most beneficial services for the client.


When a crisis does occur, companies will need urgent support and legal services from professionals in the destination country.

Kan-Tor & Acco can leverage Self Relo with a global professional network, which has been built through 27 years of global mobility practice.

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