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Self-Relo programs, also referred to as “Digital Nomad” or “Remote Employees” provide an exciting option for the individual employee. The participants in these programs arenormally young professionals, most often singles or young couples with no children, whose goal it is to temporarily reside in a foreign country with the hope of experiencing the local life there.  The programs also benefit the host countries, evidenced by a boost in the economy, and the effect of the presence of diverse young talent, with good skills and connections to their home countries.,

Below we provide a list of the countries that offer Digital Nomad opportunities, as well as a brief description of each program.

Burj Al-Arab, Dubai
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Dubai’s new 2020 “one-year virtual working program,” will allow remote workers and their families to remain in the country for up to one year. The employee must show that he/she receives a monthly salary of at least $5,000 and hold valid medical insurance.

The government fees are $287, and the employee will not need to pay income tax in Dubai. Remote workers can open a local bank account, get a local phone number and internet access, and enroll their children in school.

According to the official website “Visit Dubai”, the government invites professionals to “enjoy the sun everyday while working in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.”


Iceland’s new 2020 “6-month remote employment program”, will allow remote workers and their families to remain in Iceland for up to 6 months. This program was developed to boost Iceland’s export industry, based on cleverness or skillfulness,

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make it easier for foreign nationals to work from Iceland, acknowledging the added value, knowledge, and connections the remote employees would bring to Iceland and support their innovative and start up environment.

The applicant is required to have medical insurance, present a work contract, and receive a monthly salary of at least ISK 1,000,000 for singles or ISK 1,300,000 for those traveling with a partner.

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In July 2020 Estonia initiated a “Remote Employment Program” issuing what is known as a Digital Nomad visa. The visa allows remote workers and freelancers to remain in Estonia for up to 1 year. This program was designed to boost Estonia’s economy while transforming how people in the world choose to work. 

The individual will either have a contract of employment with an employer registered outside of Estonia or work as a freelancer for clients primarily outside of Estonia.

The applicant will need to have medical insurance, a work contract, and must receive a monthly salary of at least €3,504

Finland is offering foreign talent a chance to try out life in its capital for 90 days. 

A staggering 5,330 people from around the world applied during 2020 for the free 90 Day Finn relocation package offered by Helsinki Business Hub. The international trade and investment promotion agency will provide the 15 winners with airport pickup, orientation, cultural training, Finnish experiences, remote work facilities, introductions to local business networks and all the documentation needed for a three-month stay. They’ll also receive arrangements for housing and any school or daycare needed for accompanying children. Expenses like airfare and lodging are not provided – it’s more of a concierge service – but if the test run goes well, all can get assistance applying for permanent residency.

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