Self-Relo Policy

Under a proper policy, employers will also have the tools to manage the Self Relo employees efficiently. Although it is a challenging task for a company to develop such policy, Self-Relo suggests to emphasize on the following aspects as foundations for the policy.

Most important Items to include in the Corporate Self-Relo Policy

Purpose of the Policy

Make the purpose of the policy clear and emphasize the importance of adhering to the requirements within the document by the Self-Relo employees

Defining the Self-Relo

Clearly define the population included in the Self-Relo policy (differentiation between relocation, work from home and Self-Relo). C

Clear Process

Identify a clear process for allowing an employee to make a “Self-Relo”. From the initial request to HR, to the approval chain of managers, through legal checks up to departure date.

Employee Obligations

Set the obligations of the Self-Relo employees on various issues including: maintaining visa compliance, personal taxation etc.

Check In

Identify a “check-in” process for monitoring the working hours and location of the Self-Relo employees.

Eligability for Self-Relo

Specify the job roles that can be eligible to do Self Relo: not all positions can be done in Self-Relo.


Specify the technology to be used for communication by the Self-Relo. Is it only on company laptops? Are there any limitations on software usage?

Hours of Work

- Define the days and times for on-line working hours and preferred methods of communication.


Set rules where the employee is fully responsible of his/her tax reporting or otherwise managed by the company.


Legally define the default Country/State laws that governing the “Self-Relo” period.

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